Thursday 9 June 2011


We hope this page answers any questions you may have about SECmedia. If your question is not answered please feel free to email us on secmedia@secadventist.org.uk

What is SECmedia?
SECmedia is the media arm of the Communications department of the South England Conference (SEC) of Seventh-day Adventists. In other words we cater for any needs the conference has related to audio, video and web.
How long has SECmedia been around?
SECmedia started in June 2008.
What does SECmedia do exactly?
From video production to pa to web design and live streaming, we aim to cater for the needs of the conference in this highly evolving era of technology. Our strengths are in live event video production and web streaming. Studio production and documentary work is also close to our hearts and projects are always in the pipeline.
Where can I watch what you produce?
The first place to start is right here on secmedia.org Also check out our youtube channel youtube.com/secadventist
How do I know when you’re streaming live?
When a live broadcast is in progress, the top banner of this site will turn red, you can then click on the Live 1 or Live 2 feeds and watch the live feed. When we are offline, this site will change to grey.
I feel I would like to contribute my time and skills to help SECmedia
While our team of volunteers is very large already, we are always looking for talented people who wish to use their gifts in this area. Whether you’re technical or perhaps creative, get in touch today!
Can you come and film in my local church?
All our technicians have active ministries in their local churches which means our availability on the weekend is fairly limited, however we are often able to cover special events as long as they are booked in good time.
Can I borrow a camera to film in my church?
SECmedia does not lend out any equipment due to its high value and fragile nature.
How can I contact you?
Use the form on the Contact Us page, email us on secmedia@secadventist.org.uk or call us on +44 1923 656537