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SEC Session: Final Summary

Sun, 6th September 2015

Introducing the new Communications and Media Directors. Continue reading

SEC Session: ADCOM Announced!

Sun, 6th September 2015

Sunday Morning Summary Continue reading

Sunday Morning Devotion

Sun, 6th September 2015

Pastor Brighton Kavaloh presents Morning Devotion for Sunday morning. Continue reading

SEC Session: New President Announced

Sat, 5th September 2015

Summary from day three from SEC Session 2015 Continue reading

Sabbath Afternoon Summary – Victor Hulbert

Sat, 5th September 2015

Victor Hulbert is joined by Dr Chidi Ngwaba for the Sabbath afternoon summary. Continue reading

SEC Session 2015: Sabbath Worship

Sat, 5th September 2015

Sermon for Sabbath Worship by Pastor Brighton Kavaloh at SEC Session 2015 Continue reading